This prime selection of available beachfront and ocean view properties are perfect for a small or medium exclusive luxury development, or even for personal use. All properties are registered either freehold or concession land with full title, cadastral maps and approved Zoning Regulatory Plans.


  • The Terrestrial-Maritime Zone (ZMT) in Costa Rica is divided in two sections: a 50m wide   "Public Zone" from the mean low/high tide, followed by a 150m wide strip inland, the   “Restricted Zone.” All land further inland is freehold.
  • No development is allowed on the ZMT “Public Zone.” 97% of the Restricted Zone is   governed by a concession law that can be renewed indefinitely for as long as the concession   holder abides by the Zoning Regulatory Plan, other regulations, and pays property tax.
  • Foreign property owners are treated equal to nationals in ownership of freehold title.   However 51% of concession land needs to be owned by a Costa Rican national.
  • Law firms in Costa Rica can assist foreign buyers in legally structuring their acquisition and   holding of Concessions.
  • All concession parts of the land on offer have a fully registered concession, and approved   Zoning Regulatory Plans.
  • Most of the lots on offer are a minimum of one hectare, have a freehold part and frontage   between the public road and the ZMT.


All hill and ocean view lands are freehold. As stated, a foreign buyer can register the free hold in his/her name or a name of a corporation. Freehold land allows higher densities and number of floors.

Specific details on zoning and allowable building densities of residential, hotel or commercial usage can be made available upon enquiry. Interested and serious buyers can be given access to one or more of our teams, depending on the type of the enquiry. For detailed information, please refer to the Contact Tab.